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March 2020:

Social Story: Corona Virus


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I reached out to Starfall, which is an application/website that provides engaging educational content to children, for possible free access during this difficult time. We use it for morning meeting and many of your children enjoy playing on it during breaks. They responded and gave me a 4-month access code, which you can find below.

Access Codes by Student:
David: HE7C-O4G7-YACA-5MG8-OJ64
Gavin: HE7C-O4Z4-P4C7-LC79-92H4
Qassam: HE7C-O4L8-Q921-PEMM-G7CF
Abbaas: HE7C-O4HM-FA7S-F2FT-OJ49
Jayden: HE7C-O4JY-PS5L-5H95-J9YP
Kyara: HE7C-O4HM-EZOC-AD3C-5W18
Natalia: HE7C-O41H-5M84-FNY3-T36M

Here are the instructions that can be sent to home users to register their access code and set up the account.
Go to https://www.starfall.com.

Click on "Sign In" at the top right corner of the page.

Enter your access code in the field labeled "Have an access code?" then click "Register your Access Code."

On the membership form enter an email address and password to represent your account.

**Parents can also visit the Starfall Parent-Teacher Center at teach.starfall.com for free worksheets and other instructional resources at home."


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